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How many times in your life have you doubted yourself and said I CAN’T DO THIS OR THAT when it was fear? How often have you lost opportunities in life because of a limited mindset that you or most probably your environment has set upon you? Today I am here to show you that you are the solution to having a fixed mindset and that you can change it into a mindset of growth.


The belief that there are limits to what you can achieve in life is known as a limited mindset. It’s also the belief that there is only one way to do something and that it’s unacceptable if things don’t go your way. You may not even try out for something. It affects how you react to the things that come your way. You might think there is only one-way things should be done, and this mindset may limit your job opportunities, relationships, and even your academic success.

Having a limited or fixed mindset doesn’t necessarily mean something wrong; it could be for your benefit at times, but it should not exist in everything you do in life.


A growth or limitless mindset believes that one can improve one’s skills and abilities (e.g., studying, setting goals, hard work, and accepting constructive feedback). The belief that one can grow can increase interest, which drives motivation and results. The key to developing one’s growth mindset muscle is belief in their ability to change and willingness to do so. Through our actions, we can unlock learning and our potential. This type of thinking opens up more possibilities for us.

Now that we have gone through the literal meaning of those words, let me tell you a few things to follow to overcome the idea of a limited mindset. Here are some insights to reflect on.

The big power of the little word YET – this simple word can have a big impact. There is a massive difference between saying “I am not good at this” and “I am not good at this yet.”

“What would I do differently next time?” – This is an excellent question after a setback. It stops you from dwelling on the past and helps you reflect and focus on what you need to improve on in the future.

Don’t be fast on giving up – When people start a new task or are doing a very difficult one, it sometimes comes easily to say, “I can’t do this” or “I can’t be bothered.”

Learn how to fail — This doesn’t mean forgetting more often. It means learning as much as possible from a failure. When you tried something that didn’t go as you wish, ask yourself what good you learned from this experience.

Always try new things – Having a sense of curiosity and courage can help you learn new things. New experiences can be the most rewarding and most exciting in the end. Leaving your comfort zone once in a while is an excellent way to expand your horizons and develop your mindset.

I love working on my clients’ limitless mindsets and seeing how they flourish. They can accomplish what they wish by dropping all the restrictions they have made them hold back. By shifting their mindset from the one to the new one!

Book a session today and discover new things about yourself that you haven’t known that you could master.

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