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A Balance Family Life

Mindwise provides family counselling and therapy services to support families to deal with specific issues, and helps family members to express feelings freely, improve communication and rebuild healthy relationships.

Benefits of family counselling

Families do not need to wait for a major crisis or event to seek help. When a family is in crisis, counselling provides a safe environment where everyone can feel free to express their feelings, ask questions, and generate ideas. Furthermore, there may be families that just need a quiet, neutral zone where there are no reminders of conflict. Engaging with a counsellor, they can explore strategies for improving communication and building healthy relationships. Through counselling families may learn:

  1. Listening and communication skills

  2. How to avoid harsh language and triggers

  3. To think before reacting

  4. To respect boundaries

  5. How to express empathy

  6. To clearly define and identify their role within the family and as an individual

  7. How to ask for and/or receive help

  8. Body language speaks louder than words

Family at a Beach
Happy Family

How I Can Help

The systemic therapeutic approach considers all systems (and subsystems) deeply interconnected, interdependent, and profoundly influencing simultaneously. To understand a person, their happiness and their sadness, it is more effective when we look into the contexts in which they live and operate – especially the family system aims to assist families in seeing each others’ perspectives, healing rifts, and having those difficult and intimate conversations which they could not conduct at home without tension and conflict.

My part here is to guide and support a helpful way of communication and interaction in such a way that it will help increase respect, acceptance, and togetherness as a family unit to rebuild a good relationship.

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