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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

I started yoga while I was in India, for curiosity but it became my passion. I struggled with a lack of self-discipline and I wrongly believed that yoga is just a form of physical exercise for very flexible people.

In the beginning, I wasn’t able to go through all the Asanas (poses) in my class. Shavasana (Corpse Pose) helped me the most, initially, to find myself present, and focus! Then, when I became present, I started discovering and feeling my body; observing my breath and its effect on my sensations and how focusing on my breath silenced the voices in my head, I started feeling good.

And Then I Simply Wanted To Learn Everything and More!

Pranayama (controlled breathing) is an integral part of yoga. Controlled or focused breathing is also used widely in therapy, as a way to relax clients, manage their stress and anxiety. I realized the power of my own breath and the many challenges I can overcome by taking control of my breath. My own experiences with pranayama made me want to learn more techniques and gain a deeper understanding of the same so I could use it for the benefit of my clients. These benefits are what inspired me to get my qualifications to teach yoga and pranayama.

By learning how to control your breath consciously, you can manage stress, boost your immune system, feel more energetic, find clarity and be more focused, sleep better and even feel a deeper connection to your purpose.

Join me and learn fundamental breathing techniques useful to help relieve stress and boost your body, mind, and quality of life. Learn from a yogic perspective to understand the relationship between the breath, energy mind and body. Learn how to apply these breathing techniques into a daily practice and change your state of mind.

I Offer Individual/ Group Lessons and Workshops Online and In Person.

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