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Mothers Are Our Heroes -The Importance of Motherhood

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I love myself, therefore I love you!

Valentine’s day should not only represent gifting your significant other, but also doing something special for your self. You can simply love yourself and give yourself the best gift there is which is the gift of self–love and positivity.

I would like to remember a friend here who is a true inspiration. I will name her Elpida, Elpida means hope in Greek, and this girl has a heart of Gold. She has been through a lot in her life and despite all of that, she knows how to convert her negative surroundings into positive ones, shift the extreme dislike into excessive like, and this is what I admire in her. She has learnt to LOVE HERSELF and she is a person loved by all. I want to thank her by dedicating this first paragraph to her because she has always supported me.

Throughout my experience, I have encountered those who passionately love themselves and those who blame themselves for everything wrong in this world, which has doubled and tripled with the past years with the lockdowns and the virus crazee fast spreading. Today I will discuss with you the essence of loving thyself and accepting who you are.

Self-love and loving yourself

It is true that laughing is contagious, and many experiments have been done showcasing this idea, and so is self-love. If you do not love yourself, you will surely project it on it to your environment, and in return those who encounter you will not “love you”.

Following are some questions you can start by asking yourself before you jump to conclusions and diagnose yourself with “something is wrong with me “

What is upsetting me?

Is it the way I look?

What is missing from my life?

Should I change anything about my appearance to feel satisfied?

Am I doing the right thing in my life now?

A very important question is : Who says so?

Have you thought that perhaps you are spending time with people that are not so “happy”and maybe you have caught their negative vibe and that is impacting you?

How positive are you?

I believe in the idea that “you attract what you wish for.” I am someone who always tells my clients that the more positive you are and the more at peace with your decisions you are (for more tips on decision making, please check my previous post, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. But also just hearing that someone else has behaved kindly towards someone can motivate us to do the same. There are many different studies on”pay it forward” behaviour, and if we receive kindness we are then kinder to others. Kindness is contagious and same are our feelings and thoughts.

I am not accepting myself…

Very easy and briefly explained, as children, we can only accept ourselves to the degree we feel accepted by our parents. So if our parents were unable to communicate the message that we were good enough, then we would grow up with the idea that we are not good enough. Sometimes the positive reward we receive from our parents is depended on how we act, and unfortunately, that leads us to learn which behavior is acceptable to them.

I like to tell my clients that if they genuinely want to improve their self-esteem, they need to explore which parts of themselves they cannot accept. If we are ever to experience our normal state of being, personal fulfilment, and peace of mind deep within us, we must first rise to the challenge of complete, unqualified self-acceptance.

Forgive Yourself

We are often our own worst enemy. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes, and it is so difficult to give ourselves a break. When you think you did something wrong, decide an action you could take to make it right. Use self-talk to encourage yourself to forgive your mistake and let it be; you show so much kindness to your loved ones when they make a mistake, so try to do the same with yourself.

Self-love means accepting yourself as you are in every moment and in any action, physical or emotional of your life. It means putting your mental well-being first.

A person who knows what self-love is, is a person who is known to be surrounded by good and positive people who in fact are people who LOVE THEMSELVES and are reflecting this and sending this positive vibe to you.

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